Hong Kong – home of the high rise

There are 7 million people living in Hong Kong and they all live in high rise blocks – it was an amazing sight.

We arrived at about 10.30pm so the place was all lit up and it was really quite beautiful. These were taken along the harbour but even the residential blocks were pretty at night, all blue and green and pink lights shining through the windows.

Hong Kong at night, Hong Kong harbour

Hong Kong harbour at night

A lot of the buildings have been decorated for christmas – they change the theme each year. We weren’t sure if they were boomerangs there.

Even in daylight it’s an interesting place.

The residential blocks pop up in big clusters, you’ll just be driving along and all of a sudden there’s a bunch of high rise’s sticking out of the ground. Urbanisation has happened fairly rapidly in Hong Kong and it produces a fair bit of smog. Our guide said that a lot of the smog comes from China as well, (manufacturing all those lounges I’d say).

Then right in the middle of the city in Kowloon, amongst all the buildings you find Happy Valley race track snuggled away. They love horse racing in Hong Kong, it’s just about their national sport.

When I looked at their roads, bridges and buildings I thought that they must have some talented engineers over there – I mean they’re going to build a bridge from Hong Kong to Macau, thats over 50kms! They’re thinking about putting an island in the middle – they’re big on reclaiming land from the sea – and having the immigration and customs there. Anyway it’s funny how they build these massive structures and use bamboo for scaffolding.

Not sure what was going on here – some sort of repair.

The apartments they live in can be quite small so they have to make use of every bit of available space.

Hong Kong is such an intresting place – a real mix of old and new.

9 thoughts on “Hong Kong – home of the high rise

    • How exciting for you! I took those ones out on the harbour – you can go out on these cruises each night and they have a laser light displays from the top of the buildings – it was a bit cloudy when we were there so it wasn’t that impressive but being out on the harbour is nice. Make sure you pack good walking shoes – everyone walks everywhere, we walked bloody miles!

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