Hong Kong – the departure

WordPress is being stubborn this morning, or maybe it’s my computer. I’m too tired to worry much about it though – Hong Kong is only a three hour time difference to Australia but it sure makes a difference. I think it’s because our flight back was overnight and I can’t sleep on planes so I lost that time as well. I’m pretty sure that my time limit when flying is about ten hours so I probably won’t get to England, Europe or America but I’ll get to see a lot of Asia. I don’t have a fear of flying it’s just the extreme boredom that does me in. After about 8 hours I can start to understand why people snap and go crazy and try to open doors and stuff and it’s such an unatural thing to do – fly. Whenever I get up to go to the toilet I look around and think – how weird is this – I’m 10km in the air in a metal capsule with 300 other people and we’re sitting around watching movies and eating packaged food.

So we set off last weekend in a very old dodgy bus and we stopped for a break half way to Sydney and had sandwiches and champagne to start off the trip.

There was also a fruit seller who can’t spell and an ambulance waiting bay there.

We had a couple of hours to spare at the airport so had a drink then a roam about. I don’t know why they make all the kangaroo statues in Australia so damn freaky. This guy reminded me that I have to go back and take some photos of my shopping mall christmas kangaroo at night.

I don’t know that I’d call the meals gourmet but they weren’t bad. I’d put in an order for a vegetarian meal but they gave me vegan which didn’t matter but I could have done with some butter on my dry rolls. On the way over I had a spinach gnocchi and on the way back I had a zucchini pasta which was really pretty nice.

First time flying with Virgin and they weren’t bad, trip back was better than the one over, service wise. But OMG – how hot is it here! It was hot in Hong Kong – even though it is Autumn there we were still sweating like mad due to the humid days but stepping off the place here was nasty, Hello summer!


8 thoughts on “Hong Kong – the departure

  1. Have only flown Virgin Atlantic once and they were great!
    I hear you on long plane rides….not a fan!
    Can’t wait to see more pics from your journey!
    Hope you are catching up on your sleep!

  2. I remember taking a non-stop flight to London – 11 hours. I flew Virgin; and as this was a long time ago our in-flight meals were relatively lush: we even were served tea!

    As for the kangaroo, I think your theory about him is right: he certainly is giving SOMEONE a come-hither-type stare!

    • You were lucky! Flying to London from here takes 24 hours. Where I am I have to fly for five hours before I’ve even left Australia – unless I’m going to New Zealand. Quicker to fly to New Zealand from here than to the other side of the country.

      Lol, I wouldn’t call my meal lush – but it was hot which is always good.

  3. did you try the Nectorins?
    the kanga looks a bit “fey”… or waiting for its manicure to dry… or both.

    i’ve read that one should always order kosher or veggie meals on planes in order to get the best food.

    • Lol – I hadn’t thought of that – he does look like his nail have just been done and no I didn’t have a nectorin, lol.

      They had a huge range of meal selections, covered everyone I think. I didn’t really need to as they had a chicken, a vegetarian and another meat selection each time but I wanted to be sure and I always got mine a long time before anyone else.

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