Leaving on a jet plane

and what I’d like to know is how the hell those suckers stay up  in the air with all that baggage you’re allowed to pack on them.

So I’m allowed to take 23kg in my check in luggage and I only have 8kg so I don’t know what people are packing in their bags to make up the extra 15. So because I only have small suitcases I thought I’d pack my suitcase inside another suitcase so I’d have it to bring all my shopping home in and just pay whatever for checking in the extra suitcase. So when I was looking up how much I’d have to pay ($60), I discovered that I could actually check in an extra 10 bags each weighing 23kg!! WTF. I hope they’ve factored into their petrol allowance everyone doing exactly that.


6 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane

  1. A few years ago, when I was flying from the Midwest to California, I was standing in line behind this young woman at the check-in counter. She had this huge suitcase, plus two good-sized carryons. The ticketing clerk told her the suitcase was several pounds over the 50-pound weight limit, and they would charge her $15 for the overweight bag. The suitcase owner pulled her bag out of the line, then opened it up and proceeded to unpack in front of everyone. She must have had a dozen pairs of shoes in her suitcase—high-heeled dress shoes, ballet flats, sandals, sneakers, even a pair of hiking boots. She proceeded to chuck them out of her bag while she called a friend to come get her shoes and take them home for her. I don’t know where she was going—maybe it was one of those cruises where one has to dress up for dinner every night. But I always pack the wrong sort of clothes for the weather, so I tend to bring just the minimum amount of necessities with the anticipation I’ll end up shopping for more clothes wherever I’m going.

    Oh, since you plan on shopping for clothing—be warned, HK sizes tend towards the small and tight. A friend brought back a lovely quilted jacket for me, but the thing fitted on me like a child-sized coat. So try everything on before you take it home. And beware the fit arouhnd the waist and hip.

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