Going to Honkers

I think I forgot to mention that I’m

on Sunday.

It all started when I went to the travel agent that day to enquire about the cruise to Hawaii. The girl was making a phone call to the airline to ask about their disabled toilet facility and I was just sitting there looking around and I saw a brochure for a six-day ‘cultural and shopping’ tour to Hong Kong and I had a look and thought – that looks ok. So I put our names down because they said they needed to get a certain amount of people for it to go ahead and then I went home and didn’t think much about it again until a couple of weeks ago when they rang up and said it was going ahead and I still haven’t really thought much about it until today when I realised it was almost Sunday.

That’s the good thing about going on an organised tour – you don’t have to organise anything, you just have to turn up.

I’ve been interested in going to Hong Kong for a few years now and this trip goes for a good length of time. We run our own business so we can’t really go away for longer than a week and some of those tours go for weeks and weeks. Another reason I decided to go was because when dad died I decided that the best way I could honour him was by getting out there and doing all the things he would have loved to have been doing if only his stupid disabled body hadn’t of stopped him. So I’m sort of taking him with me.

So I guess I’d better get organised.


10 thoughts on “Going to Honkers

    • I’m just taking an empty suitcase so I can do lots of shopping. Everyone will be getting christmas presents from Honkers. I’m sure I’ll be more excited on Sunday morning but because I haven’t had to actually plan anything it doesn’t seem like it’s really happening.

  1. That’s amazing. I think I’d freak out right now – just for a little moment. That’s what my nightmares are made of. Seriously. I always dream before a trip that I miss the bus, train, flight or have to do multiple stops to travel around the world – or so it feels.
    Have a wonderful trip! I have heard only good things about Hong Kong.

    • Lol – I’m more of the go with the flow type. I used to have some control freak issues but I’ve just let it all go and now I don’t worry about that stuff. I had a friend who used to have musltiple stop, round the world dreams and she’d go to work worn out by it all.

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