The week that was

First swim of the year

Merewether ocean baths


Was a refreshing 18 degree water temp

Merewether ocean baths


I was going to swim in the ocean but (excuse my shadow) there were bluebottles everywhere. They were small but there were a lot of them.

blue bottles


And although I don’t believe they have ever killed anyone they do give you one hell of a nasty sting, the sort that makes you sick in the tummy and gives you a back ache.  It’s the tentacle you have to watch out for – it has little poisonous barbs on it.

blue bottle



I had a roam about the rock pools but the only creature I saw in there was this dog having a bit of fun trying to catch things.

dog playing in rock pools


This week I also saw my first bush fire of the season


And my first capsicum of the season.


I also made a good pumpkin curry.

pumpkin curry


And some delicious cheesy garlic bread.

cheesy garlic bread


And of course I gave Chicken Little a tickle.


8 thoughts on “The week that was

    • The weather has been unpredecitable so far. Getting sunburnt at the beach one day then need a jumper on the next but I’m feeling pretty happy about summer.

      Awww Chicken – she’s one of the critters you have to look out for!

    • Oh you guys. There’s a good kids game you can play with bluebottles – you throw sand over them them stamp on them to try and pop the sac – good safe family fun. I saw a little girl and her father playing it yesterday.

    • The ocean baths here are lovely. We have two and this one is not my favourite because it’s so huge – I always feel as if I’m out in the middle of the ocean when I’m in it – the other one is a bit more protected and smaller so usually not as windy. It also has a better kiosk, lol. That dof was having a great time – he was trying to get something out of a hole in the wall.

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