Not quite Storm Boy and Mr Percival

I said to Daz – it’ll probably ruin my day if that pelican heads off with the kid in it’s mouth. But it certainly would have been a good photo op.

The pelican was sitting on the rock and the kid would run up to it laughing and the pelican would, well not hiss exactly but that’s what I imagined it was doing. It wasn’t going to move and it didn’t want the kid running at it and every time the kid would get close it would open up it’s beak and lean forward and, hiss. It reminded me of a short film I saw (I think Sue Cruikshank was in it) and the pelican took her chihuahua.

Newcastle beach pelican


10 thoughts on “Not quite Storm Boy and Mr Percival

    • Thanks – the trouble with taking photos with the phone is that without a viewfinder I really have no idea what I’m actually taking due to screen glare so its all a bit pot luck. I wanted one of the kid throwing sand at the pelican but when I got home and had a look I’d had my finger over the lens!

  1. This is a good photo. I confess however I don’t like pelicans. They’re big enough that they’re a bit scary, and they can be aggressive. I had one hiss and flap its wings at me when I just happened to walk past it on a pier. Unlike the little boy however, I didn’t laugh. I cringed and jumped back.

  2. What a great picture. I adore pelicans. Watching the brown ones dive bill-first into the ocean is something that makes Boyfriend and I stop and marvel.

    It seems that every child feels obligated to rush a bird – I can’t believe that I engaged in such behavior: I probably did.

    • They’re amazing creatures aren’t they – they’re so huge but so elegant. Along the beach here there is a strip of street lights and they perch up on them looking out to sea. It’s a sight that always makes me laugh – they look as if they’d be way too big to balance up there but they make it look easy.

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