Hollywood Bowl

So it seems Papa is full of trickery. Just when we worked out that he was in the USA in 1964 I remembered this, which means he was there in 1957 as well, which means I’ll probably never know exactly when his collection of USA shots were taken. Unless they have a handy sign out the front like this one.

Vintage American photogrpahy, Hollywood Bowl Sign, Retro photos

Cars look pretty fifties to me in this one of the Port of Long Beach.

Vintage American photography, Port of Long Beach in the fifties


7 thoughts on “Hollywood Bowl

  1. I think the cars and clothes date the shots pretty well. I’m sure the Long Beach shot goes with the Hollywood Bowl, since he’d have gotten off the cruise ship there.

    That’s quite the top-shelf list of talent there! Leontine Pryce doing Gershwin? I could only dream of such a concert. And at such a wonderful venue… sigh.

  2. Maybe he did the west coast in 57 and east coast in 64.
    I wonder if I can get to Port C to get an updated photo. The port was massively remodeled over the last few years. I’ll try to remember to check it out.

      • Port of Long Beach is about 2 miles from me.. the Queen Mary is docked on the outer part of it. Most of it is now called Port of Los Angeles.

        Hollywood Bowl is, naturally, in Hollywood (the hills between Hollywood and Universal City). I go to about 1 show a year there – it’s obscenely expensive.

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