Australia in the fifties

This and that in black and white from the fifties.

Dubbo Show – everyone here is waiting for the Queen to arrive.

vintage Australian black and white photos, vintage outback Australia, Dubbo NSW

Waiting for the Queen

This is Nan and Paps front yard after the  floods which I think were in 1955

Vintage Australian photography, vintage flood water photos, Narromine NSW, vintage black and white photos

Nans front garden during the floods in the fifties.

Here’s dad patting or feeding a kangaroo and I’m pretty certain this would have been at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland which I haven’t been to myself and it probably costs a fortune for entry now anyway. In this photo it would have only been open for about five years.

Australia, kangaroo, vintage Australian photography, vintage black and white photos

Mum looking thoughtful in the Hotel garden.

vintage Australian photos, vintage Australia, Queensland in the fifties

This is Vera, we were related to her somehow but I’ve never really been sure how – my sister would know as she and my other sister were closer to her. She lived in Sydney but used to enjoy coming to visit my grandparents and doing a spot of fishing out at the river on the property of another couple who were related to us in a way I never really knew.

vintage fishing photo, vintage Australian photography

Vera at narromine NSW


11 thoughts on “Australia in the fifties

    • Lol – she is a very calm person. Her mother was the same – very quiet and gentle and tolerant but tough don’t you worry. She’s ok I think – good and bad days, lonely sometimes but getting out there.

  1. Vera was Nan’s niece though they were very close in age. She was the daughter of Nan’s brother who drowned or killed himself (one of those tragic sort of things where the truth gets muddied as time goes on) – not sure what happened to her mother. She seemed to have been brought up by Nan’s parents. Joan (lived on the river where we went fishing) was Nan’s niece too (daughter of Aunty Jen next door).

    You’d better get all the family knowledge from me before the Alzheimers kicks in 🙂

      • So Vera and Joan were your cousins of some sort.

        Vera’s got herself quite the fish there! Crikey!

        Your mum looks wonderful there. She strikes me as a true Aussie woman, then and now.

        I know what comes after that first photo — HM walks past the sheep butts! 🙂

        • Yeah, but like really old cousins. Not a bad catch is it, they used to catch catfish out there but I have no idea if that is one or not.
          Lol – yep you got it, the sheep bums were being brushed right about now.

        • Oh and I meant to say about my Mum that she is an old fashioned Aussie girl, lots of class and very gentle but not afraid to kill a brown snake when the situation calls for it.

  2. I found this page when I googled the 1955 floods. I remember your mum and dad – lovely people – and of course your nan and papa. Their house is just around the corner (sort of) from where I live.

  3. I remember your papa’s dark room (upstairs) in the garage. I think the interior of the house has been extended, but the front fence is still there! The day before I found your site, a friend of ours who owns Currawong called in to say hello. I think that was your farm! Yes, a small world

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