Weekly photo challenge: Foreign

For all the foreigners who can’t handle the foreign food there’s always McDonalds.

This was in Phuket, Thailand – my children made a rush for this place and were horrified to discover you could get broccoli burgers there.

McDonalds Phuket Thailand



8 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Foreign

  1. I go to McDonald’s just for the french fries, which I was told are no longer flavored with beef broth. I don’t like burgers of any sort—which is heresy here in my hometown, where there’s a burger joint on almost every main street.

    Someone told me that McDonald’s in Japan serves fried squid. I don’t know if that’s true, but I guess they have to adapt to the tastes of whatever country they’re selling food in.

    • They had a few vegetarian options in Thailand. I’m not a fan of McDonalds fries – I prefer KFC style, not sure how different they’d be to yours over there. The best chips come from Aporto – don’t know if you have them.

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