Ho ho ho

Oh c’mon. Now you guys are just being silly.

Aren’t you?



27 thoughts on “Ho ho ho

  1. I have not seen these … and hope my wife doesn’t.

    The one “variety” store we have in our small town has had Christmas stuff out since late September. I think they put it AND the Halloween stuff out at the same time … with a small space for Thanksgiving decorating things (comes right in the middle – end of November).

    • Lol – it sounds pretty sick. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the pumpkin fetish- just cut ’em into chunks, put some olive oil and pepper on them and bake them.

      • Yes, well that’s where it all goes wrong for us I guess – the pumpkin as a sweet sensation – it’s almost impossible to fathom. I know people make pumpkin scones but even then they’re still a savoury thing. Do you guys ever just boil a bit of pumpkin and have it with green beans and a chicken breast or whatever meat you eat?

        • Very very rarely. A fancy restaurant might do a savory pumpkin mousse but most of the time they’ll switch to butternut squash as a side dish. I wouldn’t mind having a savory version at all. I really do love the taste of pumpkin.

          Do you roast/eat pumpkin seeds?

          • Not as often as I should but there’s always a bag of them in the fridge – mainly put them in salads.

            Lol – as soon as you said mousse, the pumpkin went all wrong.

        • You need to open your minds to new culinary delights. I know you got settled by Poms, but this is the 21st century.

          My local Afghan restaurant does a pumpkin with yogurt side dish that I could live on. It’s a little sweet, but mostly spicy.

          I like pumpkin as long as I personally don’t have to scoop the guts out. Yech. The strings are too icky.

  2. If I liked Pringles, I would go for the cinnamon and sugar. The thought of real potato chips with cinnamon and sugar (and salt) is making me salivate.

    American snack products are pretty vile on the whole, but a mash-up of fake potato chips with what are popular coffee flavorings starting this time of year (pumpkin spice lattes are now on coffee shop menus and peppermint lattes will follow shortly) really do seem silly.

  3. I am really intrigued by the cinnamon sugar flavor.

    You foreigners, I feel sorry for you, not getting pumpkin pie spice. Google the components and you’ll see why it’s the flavoring of the gods, whether you put in on pumpkins or in coffee. This is my favorite time of year for donuts. (They don’t actually put pumpkin in the lattes, you know. That’s silly. It’s the spices.)

    A friend of mine moved to England and a guy she worked with scoffed at the thought of pumpkin pie. Till he ate one. About half of the whole pie, actually. When she moved back to the states, she had to send canned pumpkin to him so his wife could make it for him.

    Pumpkin pie is actually an old English recipe — the rest of you just weren’t smart enough to keep making it.

    • Intrigued in a good or a bad way! lol the lattes – I wasn’t expecting it to be like a cup of pumpkin soup and whats with the canned pumpkin, can’t she just use real stuff?

      • Apparently they don’t grow the right variety of pumpkins there or something. Pie varieties are sweeter and less woody than veggie or decorative ones.

        I would like to taste the cinnamon sugar. But either I’d hate them and then they’d be a waste of money, or (this is my fear) I’d love them and eat the whole can by myself, and that’s too many calories. Maybe Homey and I could split a can.

  4. I just confirmed these are real. And here are the reviews:
    People who sampled the salty-sweet offerings described them as ranging from not revolting to ‘horrible abomination to humanity.’

    Of the three flavors, the one that made stomachs churn the most was the wintery White Chocolate Peppermint, which some reviewers describing it as the worst chip they’ve ever tasted, combining the flavor of spoiled mouthwash with spuds.

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