Welcome to Waikiki

Val’s Aqua Sports.  Are we thinking 1957 or 1964? hard to tell by the clothes because they all look like they’re going to a fancy dress party. The cars look old but then I don’t know how that worked in Hawaii – did cars get there straight away – were they manufactured there or what?


14 thoughts on “Welcome to Waikiki

  1. Cars were shipped over, after the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, American businesses shipped everything they could and destroyed the self-sustainable life of the islands. If the boats stop coming, we won’t even be able to wipe our okoles because we don’t even make toilet paper here.

  2. That’s definitely 1957, in both cars and clothes. Detroit’s finest cars there at that rental place.

    The men who obviously all just now bought matching Hawaiian shirts make me laugh. The one seems to be checking out the woman in the pretty dress, maybe she looks as good from the front.

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