Chicken Little says no to life today

She’s in there and she’ll stay in there until about 11am. She’s been out of sorts lately – really anxious and worried and snappy.

She always looks worried.

So we took her to the vet last week because she was just getting worse. I noticed she was scared of the noise from the next door neighbours lawn mower and the garbage truck which was something new. She came in and sat under my desk and was shivering.

Anyway it was all a bit sad really because he asked if she’d lost a friend recently and we said yes that betty had died and he said they see it a lot with little dogs who have a lost a friend. He said that they feel as if they have to take on the job of protector of the family and they get all stressed and nervous about it because its a big job for a little dog, especially if you had a big staffy doing the job before you. Mind you I think Chicken Little must have a much higher opinion of Betty’s guarding abilities than Betty ever did because she never really cared what or who came into our yard. Well, except Monty the neighbours black cat – but we won’t go there (don’t worry, he survived but Betty needed stitches and I needed wine).

We also said that Chicken goes out into the yard and barks more than she did and he said that they go out calling for the missing dog because they think they’re out there lost on the other side of the fence. Of course I have no idea how he knows this and she could just be barking because she’s a pain in the bum but she has gradually been getting worse since Betty died and Betty was her only friend in the world seeing as how she’s so unfriendly towards every other dog on the planet. Also it’s not like you can explain where Betty went – one day she just went away with Darren and never came back and it was the same day my father died so we didn’t really give any thought to Chicken Little’s feelings at all.

So now she’s a traumatised weirdo freak on OCD calming pills. Poor little thing – it would be nice for her if she could just chill out a bit and enjoy life.

24 thoughts on “Chicken Little says no to life today

    • I know – they’re freaks! Who knew they could be diagnosed with OCD – next thing I know she’ll be wanting to tap her toes ten times each foot before she’ll walk out the door.

  1. Awwwww poor little thing. It’s so sad. I was gonna cry reading that.
    I think myabe…she needs another friend. :-/ Maybe she won’t be so hateful to another dog that comes to the house to do the protecting.

    • I know it’s so sad and now she thinks we’re all weirdo’s because we keep patting her and saying – oh you poor widdle fing in stupid voices and you’re not the first one to suggest getting another dog because Daz suggested it the other day! No way I said. If she was nicer to cats we could have a cat one day but she really really hates cats as opposed to just really hating dogs. Lol, good lord imagine Chicken Little being the top dog and teaching another dog all her weird and wonderful ways. I’d be the one needing claming pills if that ever happened.

      • What about a sturdy middle aged second hand doggie that already knows the world and isn’t going to learn too much from Chicken Little? – and can take over the guard job from her?

        • Oh – I thought you were talking about me for a second there – sturdy middle aged second hand, lol. I don’t think we have to worry too much about any living species learning too much from Chicken Little, although she is very good at catching cockroaches and eating them. Oh you lot and your evil ways – trying to appeal to my soft side to get another dog.

          • Even a hard-hearted bastard like me would go out and get her a friend …

            LOL … just wanted to pile on the guilt. If you could handle it it’s a good idea, but there’s a part of me that’s thinking that’s a bit like a friend of mine dying and someone telling me to just go out and find another friend … like friend’s are just disposable and easily replaceable.

          • Lol – well I don’t think dogs put that much thought into their friendships. I think they just want someone who’s happy to run about for a while with a toy then have a nap and not be too pushy at the dinner bowl. I was actually looking forward to a break from having pets. I’ve never not had dogs and this is the first time I haven’t had a cat. I dunno.

    • Well she’s a hard bitch isn’t she! lol, I see her point but there are too many variables and I’d like to see her control Chicken with some firm leash correction when she loses her shit because she totally loses her mind and can’t control herself. Without talking myself up or anything I am the leader of the pack. I think any dog, child or man who has lived with me would confirm that. I think a lot of Chickens problems come from spending so long in the pound and doggie rescue place – 8 months – and who knows what she went through before we got her. She had a whole other little life we know nothing about.

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