Found them

About a month ago, I decided rather than throw my cardigans on the floor of the wardrobe like I usually do that I’d hang them up on coat hangers at the end of the row. Ever since that day I’ve wondered where the hell my cardigans went. Until today when I remembered they’d been hanging in there all the time. It just popped back into my head. I’m hoping it’s like that alzheimers ad on telly where they say – there’s a difference between forgetting where you parked the car and forgetting you had a car in the first place because I always rememberd I had the cardigans.


10 thoughts on “Found them

    • Yep, round the right way and buttons lined up. I read a book once about a woman who developed alzheimers in her forties and she wrote about trying to put her bra on and the impossibility of it.

  1. What GOM said. However—I tidied up my room when we had all these people in the house for my mother’s funeral, and put away a pile of hand towels and washcloths. After everyone left, I couldn’t find them. I turned the house upside down, then finally looked in the linen closet, where of course, I had put them.

    I suppose that means I’m no better than my father, who keeps all of his pill bottles on the kitchen table. If we move them, he gets angry because we’ve “messed up his system” and he can’t remember which pills he took that day.

    • Lol – my system is much like your fathers, I have to leave any pills I have to take out on the bench as well – once they’re in the cupboard I don’t give them a second thought.

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