Portion distortion Martha style

Here in Australia we don’t have Martha Stewart so I really don’t know anything about her but I’m pretty sure she’s not a large lady and quite frankly that amazes me because I’ve cooked a couple of recipes from her website over the past month and the portion servings are enormous. I mean those 4 – 6 people are not going to leave the table hungry let me assure you. The first dish I cooked was a pasta ravioli bake and I didn’t have a baking dish large enough to hold the mixture, tonight I’m doing a chicken chilli and same problem, no saucepan big enough to cook it in. Portion distortion is going off, no wonder people are a bit podgy.

Impossible to judge though with recipes I find. Sometimes you cook something that says it’s going to feed six and you all end up with about a matchbox full.

I’m glad summer is here and we can get started on salads because it really is too hot to be eating chilli anyway. Well it’s not technically summer, it’s spring but it’s bloody hot today and I think tomorrow might actually be my first swim of the season in the ocean baths – 31 Celsius and only a month into spring.


17 thoughts on “Portion distortion Martha style

  1. Martha has spread as the years have gone on, but she has a personal trainer, as one does. I am sure she uses up many calories a day sorting ordering underlings about and counting her collections of pudding bowls and serviette rings.

    • Now Donna Hay is the other end of the spectrum I find, I’d have to double her recipes to feed a family. She’s gone all skinny and runs and doesn’t eat cake and stuff so I can’t trust her anymore. I like my chefs to be a little bit podgy.

  2. There’s no consistency in recipes. The ones that claim “feeds 4-6” and then you barely have enough for 2 really bother me. Some of them do that so they can keep the calorie amount down, but it’s disappointing to work hard on something that you hoped would have leftovers and instead you’re wondering if you’re going to have to rummage around in the cupboards or run to the drive-through so you don’t starve.

    The Two Fat Ladies. Now there were cooks you could trust. They did what it said on the tin.

    • Yes and they look like they enjoyed their food as well. I don’t know if you have a Masterchef show over there but it always annoys me that the contestants are usually all quite slim.

    • I think summer is going to be scary long and hot. You guys have been whinging for ages about how hot it has been over there and now I reckon it’s going to be the same here. I live in an area though that doesn’t have autumn or spring, we just seem to be cold, then hot.

      • Same here. We went from highs of 105 to lows around 60 in a matter of a few days. Might get one more heat wave but that *should* be it for summer. The real problem in CA has been the humidity – we’re not used to that and it was omnipresent this year.

          • We tend to have the brushfires in Sept-Dec. No telling what’s in store for us this year… very dry brush but if the humidity sticks around we might be okay.

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