Where am I?

This shot is pretty cool – but where was it taken? Could be 1957 or could be 1964.

Anyone recognise that building in the background? I’m presuming the Golden gate coffee shop doesn’t have anything to do with the golden gate bridge but I could be wrong. I can’t read what it says above the Elizabeth Street sign and I can’t find any record of the grill or the book co or Leo’s.


21 thoughts on “Where am I?

    • Well that would be cool, I don’t think I’ve seen any others from there. That would make it 1964 if I presume he only went to America once. Will go have a google around – thanks.

  1. It’s flat, so it’s definitely not San Francisco Chinatown.

    Seattle, maybe? The fire escapes are very New York-y, so M—l may be correct, esp. if there’s an Elizabeth Street in NYC Chinatown.

    I’m thinking it looks more 1964 than 1957. I don’t know why since I don’t remember either, but the cars seem of a later vintage.

    • Yes, I think they must have only gone to the USA once – in 1964. just seemed funny that they went to canada in 57 but the states in 64. They certainly got around anyway.

  2. Not San Francisco Chinatown, but it does look like just past Market, when you are driving up to head out to the park.
    A couple of blocks from city hall and all.
    There’s an over the street walkway like the one on the next block here, and I think the buildings look about right.
    I could be wrong, of course.
    Next time I’m over that way, I’ll try to figure it out.
    The cars are definitely more early 60s than mid 50s I think.

    • Any suggestions with any of these photos are always much appreciated. If I just have a few clues where to start, then I can ferrett about a bit more.

  3. M—–l is right. Go to google maps and do street view of “Corner of Elizabeth and Bayard New York” You may have to turn around but you can see that connected building in the background. The street looks so much narrower!

    • Oh wow – you gotta love technology!! it looks a lot cleaner back then! There doesn’t seem to be much still there from the original photo – I was hoping the grill was still there.

      • That strange building in the background is a famous jail known as “The Tombs”!

        (Thanks for giving me something to do last night. I had fun investigating this one.)

        • That’s interesting – I do like my history. Not much from Papa’s shot is still there as it was then. I’ll have to send you a whole file of them – he didn’t mark any from his USA trip.

          • The intricate fire escape on the second building from the right is still there. I sure hope they’ve tightened the bolts since the 60s.

          • You’d hope. You know what you should do? you should go around the country and take photo’s in the exact same places that Papa did so we can compare them. Then we could publish a cool book.

          • I did that with one of the Papa’s Slidebox pics back in 2008. You sent me a picture of the Hollywood Bowl when I announced I was going there to see Nick Cave.

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