Jetty Walk, 1957

Unknown location for this one which is a shame because I really like it. Nothing here gives me any idea where it might be, can’t read the writing on the side of the truck.


10 thoughts on “Jetty Walk, 1957

  1. I like the contrast of the clothes of the visitors with the roughness of the work site. I’m kind of worried that the lady on the left might get her heels caught in a crevice, though.

    • I love it, love the girls in green – maybe they’ve been to a birthday party. Or they’re on holidays and there is a strip of shops and restaurants back behind us.

  2. Was it among your father’s Vancouver photos? They have a Fisherman’s Wharf up there, not as big as San Francisco’s, but with the seafood restaurants, open fish market, and souvenir shops. The mountains in the background look very upper British Columbia.

    • It wasn’t in with a place, it was in a folder with other harbour type photos from lots of places. Very frustrating. Now I know there are ones from SanFransisco somewhere.

  3. I tried my best. I zoomed in on the truck, the back of the car, and even that writing on the boat on the right (there’s a sign above the windows) … but there was nothing I could read when I increased the size, everything became way too pixilated.

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