Yellow Dog Project

If everyone with a dog knew about this project and adhered to the rules, it would be the best freaking idea that anyone has ever come up with.

As the owner of a small dog who definitely needs some space when walking (as mentioned a time or a hundred previously) it would be a dream come true. As a dog owner and walker I assumed other dog walkers would automatically give other dogs space but apparently people are morons and think all dogs should be best friends and all other dog owners want every dog they see to come up and jump on them.

I basically have to walk Chicken Little at odd hours of the day when I think nobody will be about or else walk her in areas where I’m constantly looking behind me in case I’m about to be murdered. I have also considered wearing a tshirt that says – KEEP THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME AND MY DOG YOU IDIOT.

I really can’t express how much I love this idea, it would be a dream come true. So get out there and promote it – especially you owners of small, neurotic, overprotective psycho dogs.

Like this one.


22 thoughts on “Yellow Dog Project

  1. That’s a great idea. I don’t have a dog, but as the mother of two little kids who want to pet everything that walks by it would make life easier and less confusing for them as I don’t let them go near any dogs we don’t know. I would find Chicken Little a bit hard to resist. He’s so damn cute!

    • She!! not he – although she is quite manly. I always pick her up when I see little kids running towards her because I just don’t know how she’s going to react. She tried to attack a man a while ago who tried to talk to me. It was pretty funny though, she went flying through the air and bounced back when she hit the end of the lead. She’s had to have 11 teeth out so she probably wouldn’t do much damage but I’d hate for her to attack a child, she’s just really protective of me. God help any poor grandkids I might ever have, we’ll have to wrap them in those suits that dog trainers wear.

  2. This is a good idea, but here in the US the yellow ribbon is associated with “Support Our Troops” in Afghanistan, Iraq, wherever. Maybe a yellow collar would be a good marketing idea for some entrepreneurial type.

    Chicken does look fierce, at least from that angle your camera is at.

    • I think it’s an American initiative so I’m not sure why the yellow. Yellow collars would be good but some dogs (i.e. Chicken) have to wear cat collars so that wouldn’t work for her.

    • Simple ideas are often the most handy ones. Trouble is all dog owners need to know about it for it to really work otherwise you’re just as likely to get some idiot with a great dane getting up in your business so they can ask you what the cute yellow ribbon is for!

  3. There are two sides to the Yellow Ribbon idea. You can read more about this at

    Basically, a dog wearing a yellow ribbon is already marked as being dangerous or unsociable and can lead to damaging testimony in a lawsuit if something goes terribly wrong. We have a rescue dog, part shepherd and part hound, he is over protective and we know where and how to walk him. He goes to the dog park and to Big Dog Camp, so it’s not that he isn’t sociable – but he is a loner and doesn’t like other dogs humping or jumping on him. So I know what it means to want your dog to have some space. Just think about the consequences of marking your dog as dangerous. I also thought this was a good idea until I read this article.

    • Well like everything it’s going to have positive and negative aspects and like I mentioned everyone has to know about it and the outlines for it to work. I still think it’s a good idea and as someone in that article mentioned you can end up in trouble in all sorts of ways such as the Beware of the dog sign. If a lot of dog owners just had more sense it would help – like walking their dogs on shorter leads. They should ban those great long retractable dog leads for one thing. Or walking their dogs on leads at all would be good – yesterday I had to pick up Chicken because a great big labrador came bounding up to us not on a lead – two women were with it touting the usual – Oh it’s ok, he won’t hurt her, which always makes me want to punch them in the face.

      • If I had my way, I would ban retractable leashes. I’ve seen people walking dogs from toys to dobermans on these leashes, an accident waiting to happen. No control and getting dogs and humans tangled in these can cause great harm to both. We have a leather, four foot leash and a longer nylon one if we take Max to the lake and think he might want a dip. There is a leash law in CA – not all owners regard this law.

        Keep Chicken safe – I bet she and Max would get along, he’s not a bully and gets along great with smaller dogs. Don’t you just love people who say, Oh my dog is friendly, then their dog immediately puts your dog on the ground. How dog has been attacked twice by American Bully dogs, once seriously.

  4. what a great idea… my dog is very kind and never gets aggressive nevertheless when big dogs bound at breakneck speed towards him we both stiffen as we are unsure if the mutt will be friendly or not.. i always keep him close and respect other people .. i never allow him to run at anyone or any dog as you just dont know what the people or dog may feel about it and i am continually frustrated by irresponsible dog owners that think you like being a torpedo target when your just trying to have a nice relaxing walk..
    hope this catches on i will tie a big yellow ribbon around my own neck! LOL

    • I know! It’s crazy isn’t it – people seem to think that just because you have a dog that you love their dog as well. What drives me crazy is that where we walk, just over the bridge is Dog Park where you can take your dogs and let them run free, there’s a beach as well dedicated to dogs. Grrrrrrr, people walking dogs not on a lead need a good punch in the nose. AND THEN, one time I saw a guy smacking his poor dog because it wasn’t on a lead and had run off to play with other dogs – I really wanted to punch him.

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