Here comes the bride

Here are three of my gorgeous nephews with the beautiful bride of the eldest and the father of the groom who is not only my brother in law but also one of my closest and oldest friends.

It was a glorious day by the sea. Bordering on hot actually, I thought the bridesmaids might have had a touch of sunburn at the end of the day. ( I have to say that Daz’s samsung camera phone takes excellent shots – much better than the iphone, this one’s a bit pixelated but in highest resolution they are crystal clear).

Shane, Daz and I all met when we were teenagers working at the same place in Sydney and then Shane married Daz’s sister and they produced these beautiful boys. They’ve split up since but these things happen and life goes on and we’re so lucky that they’re all part of our family.

Oh and they’re going to have a baby!! That is really exciting – I guess I’ll be a great Aunt (as in ancient, not fantastic).


7 thoughts on “Here comes the bride

  1. Handsome boys they are! The bride is a lucky gal to have such a good-looking husband.

    I have mixed feelings about seaside weddings. Outdoors it can be so windy you can barely stand in one place, and you have to deal with sand in your teeth and your skin getting that “glow” that later turns into sunburn. When the weather is perfect however, you can’t ask for a better setting. Many good wishes for the newlyweds.

    • Lol, we were away from the sand and surf. It’s a small beach and it has a large grass/park area where we were. There was a small pergola we all could have squashed into if things got too bad (it was raining in the morning). It was a funny place actually, no one who was at the beach swimming or hanging out was sitting on the sand they were all sitting up on the grass area.

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