Hello Jason

Jason was one of our dogs. That is definitely not his tail so there must be a cat lying behind him. I took this photo with my little olympus pen about, oh wow, 38 years ago. Lolling at the look on his face.

Jason was the son of Nellie, one of our good old working dogs who was well loved by all the family. She was run over one day out on the road running behind dad on the tractor. She swerved out and was hit by a car coming the other direction. Freak accident really as hardly anyone travelled that road except the few farmers who lived on it. I remember Emjay was so angry and upset at Dad about it but he must have been heartbroken himself.

At the time Jason must have only been a week or so old – Mum spoke to the vet and was told that there was no way he could survive, he was still just so new. But Mum took him under her wing and fed him with a baby bottle with a tiny teat and he survived. He was bitten by a brown snake a few years later but he survived that as well. I was away at a school camp that time and Mum wrote me a letter and told me that it had happened and that he might not survive. (Yes I know you’re wondering how long I was at school camp that I could have time to receive mail, I can’t remember exactly but I do know I also spent time in hospital there with some illness).

Anyway, when Mum would feed Jason she would put on an old dressing gown and as he was sucking on the bottle he would close his eyes and pump his little paws in and out of her tummy in the dressing gown like puppies do to their mummies. We moved house when he was about six years old and when we were cleaning out the laundry Mum found the old dressing gown and she threw it out on the path and we found him there lying on it pumping it.

I think he died of heart worm in the end.

Such funny little characters I’ve had the pleasure of knowing over the years. I had one of those autograph books when he was little and dad wrote in it – To Jane and Jason, I hope they play some. Lol, we did.


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