Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Snap time with Chicken Little. Can’t remember why I call it a snap but we try and fit one in every day



9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

    • She was being a sook because I’d been away for about an hour. Whenever I lie on the bed she leaps on top of me then rolls over so her head is on the pillow. I have no idea how she coped for 8 months in the doggie rescue place!

        • Yes – from Monica’s doggie rescue. I think that once she takes in a dog she will never have it put to sleep so they can be there for a long time. She gets some from pounds when they are about to be euthanised and thats where they found Chicken Little. Also when you take them home she tells you that if you ever don’t want them anymore that she will take them back again. It’s a bloody madhouse there though – hundreds of dogs. My daughter still loks on the website and yells out – Mum, Kurt is still there – go and get him.

          • Oh – just had a look at their site and she gets all of them from pounds. Poor little dogs – no wonder Chicken has mental issues!

          • I don’t think I would meet Monica’s strict adoption standards. Woman I was visiting on Friday night had to bring the whole family in to be interviewed by Monica and then she turned around and told them that they couldn’t have the dog because they didn’t have mesh around their pool fence. Another person got taken to task for working part-time and leaving the dog alone. We would have no chance which is why look at places like Pound Rounds.

          • It was pretty crazy – Jessie had seen Chicken Little on the website and wanted her and at the time she was living with her brother and a friend and they all had to go meet Chicken and they were able to say someone was home most of the time because at that time they were all uni students so usually someone was there. Now I’m here all the time anyway but yeah, she did have strict rules and considering the amont of dogs she has there you’d think she’d relax them a tiny bit, I know she means well and she does a terrific job with no funding but I’m sure all the dogs there aren’t getting the attention they could. When we got Chicken she only weighed 3 kilos and she weighs over 6 now and she’s terribly possessive of her food, I wonder sometimes how much she got or had to fight for there – I think she was in a pen with 8 other little dogs. Knowing her now I can’t imagine how she coped, it must have been very stressful for her. Lol – oh yeah and they had on her notes that she was low shedding which has turned out to be a joke. Lets just say I won’t be buying any fabric furniture while she’s around.

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