What’s happening in Vancouver?

Can anyone tell me what these people might have been looking at in Vancouver about fifty years ago? What have they all rushed to the side of a boat to look at do you think? What sort of tourist attractions are there? Maybe it’s just the bridge – what’s that bridge then, is it Lions Gate?

Love the deck chairs.

13 thoughts on “What’s happening in Vancouver?

  1. It does look like Lion’s Gate Bridge. There’s an odd black figure to the right of the photo, however—is it just a smudge or some dust on the picture? It looks a bit like a man jumping from the bridge, or an airplane about to fly under or over it.

    I was told there’s a wonderful view from the bridge, but traffic is terrible and the walkway is crowded with tourists during the summer. Your parents probably got the best view from the ship.

    • Lol, well that certainly would have been something to run and look at – a man going over the side of the bridge. It’s a bird, a big bird – maybe thats what they’re looking at. I was going to take it out but then left it, maybe I’ll take it out.

    • Lol, I don’t think it’s whales, they just don’t look amazed enough. We were having lunch at a place on the beach the other day and whales went past and people were knocking each other out of the way trying to get to the side. There’s a guy in this photo waving to someone/something – wonder what that is.

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