That’s my husband in the paisley shirt. This was taken in about 1973 and he hasn’t changed much – doesn’t wear a massive fringe these days though. His sister still looks the same as well. It’s funny with the twins because I can tell which one is which by their little faces. I first met them when they were about 13 years old and I couldn’t tell them apart at all – I never called them by name in case I got the wrong one but now they look totally different to me.

I’m getting some family shots ready to frame and hang in my new lounge room – we both came from families of four kids.

I’m the little one and Emjay is at the back with long hair.

I still have that doll, wearing the same dress. Her name is Lulu – after the singer. I’m not sure if she was actually a Lulu doll or if I just called her that because I was a fan (we watched a lot of ABC). They do have the same sort of face.

I just noticed that my sister was wearing paisley as well.


17 thoughts on “Siblings

  1. I used to work with a woman who had a twin sister. She told me no one could tell them apart. I could, and I suspect others could as well. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she wasn’t – to put it delicately – as thin as her sister.

    • Lol, well you can tell by that photo that one of the girls was getting a few more nutrients in the womb, one was a lot smaller at birth but by the time they were 13 they had evened out.

  2. My husband was a twin: I have photos of him and his brother when they were little boys, and I can’t tell them apart. My mother-in-law said they parted their hair on different sides, but in the sixth grade they both buzzed their hair off into those flat-top haircuts, so no part on those heads!

    You and your siblings look so happy. Emjay and you have talked about how rough it was, living on a sheep ranch, but you don’t see that in your faces.

    • We would have been on holidays in Sydney when that photo was taken so we were all pretty happy. I remember having photos taken on a little bridge. It was good to find a nice shot of us all – hard when there are more than two people to have them all looking okay. It’s a nice one of daz and his sisters as well, even though he and his sister don’t look overly thrilled about it.

    • I wanted something to hang on the wall and I thought – why not use our own photo’s, they just sit there in the computer not being seen by anyone.
      Big bows on little heads seemed to be popular in the 70’s – I know my mother was a fan.

      • We have a few 70s family photos framed and hung up on our walls too. Mum had them done initially but I took them over when she didn’t want them anymore (ie, once grandchildren and dogs started crowding out her real children on her walls!)

        • Lol – you were replaced by the dogs. There’s a wall of mini orb in our kitchen that we couldn’t be bothered taking out so I turn photos of kids and dogs into magnets and stick them on that. I’d like a digital frame but I’d want a huge one mounted on the wall, most of them are too small and no one I know who has one uses it.

  3. These are wonderful! I’m all warm and fuzzy just looking.

    There were 5 sets of twins in my high school. They got their own page in the yearbook. I could tell even the most identical ones apart. Especially, for some reason, the two handsome athletic boys 😉 one of which was in my science class. They looked completely different to us kids, but the jerk teacher couldn’t tell them apart, so we kids gladly went along with their anti-teacher schemes.

    • I know, all that nostalgia makes me feel funny as well.
      Thats a lot of twins for one school. I didn’t have any at my school but then the town population was only 2500 so I guess the odds weren’t great. My daughter went to school with twin girls and I could only tell them apart because the mother put different coloured hairbands in – probably for the teacher – but no doubt they swapped them. My daughter knew them apart by a mole on the back of a leg.

      • Two of the girls were identical, like the ones that went to school with your daughter, and they swapped all the time. They started looking a bit different part way through school so we kids could tell if we looked hard enough, but some of the teachers couldn’t.

        There was a direct correlation between which teachers were well-liked and those who could tell all the twins apart. Funny that. (Not.) Made it all the more delightful to fool the bad ones.

        We did wonder if there was something in the water the year before they were all born.

    • Lol – maybe I guess, the girls all look alike now that they’re older. The oldest sister has three sons now and they all look exactly like my husband. The whole family looks very alike. The smallest twin on the right has two children who look exactly like she does in this photo. Genes – strange things.

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