Vintage Hawaii – Waikiki 1964

I really can’t believe that I was born in a year that is considered to be vintage. In a couple more I’ll be antique!!

These are photo’s Papa took in Hawaii in 1964 (I’m guessing that but I’m presuming he went to Hawaii when he went to the USA which was in 1964 and not the 1957 trip). Actually yes it must have been ’64 because they brought back Hawaiian shirts for the other three kids; I’ve seen photos.

Vintage Waikiki beach 1964Vintage Hawaii

They weren’t polaroids they were slides but I turned them into polaroids using a nifty little app on my computer.


5 thoughts on “Vintage Hawaii – Waikiki 1964

  1. So you weren’t born when these photos were taken? I still have a Hawaiian shirt from the 60s that one of my relatives bought for me, but of course, I’ve gotten too big for it. I also found a “vintage” muumuu among my mother’s things, and to my immense disappointment , it’s too small for me. Mom apparently was a tiny thing back then. Why she had such a big lug of a daughter, I don’t know.

    • OMG – I think Mum had a muumuu, or maybe it was a caftan – are they the same? I was born while they were away in 64. Emjay was born while they were in Russia in 1957. Mum remembers it because they had to send telegrams about the births, lol, old school communication.

      • Muumuus are more like a dress, with a bit more shape. Caftans are like robes, long and flowing.

        Telegrams! I remember when I got one from this writing program I’d been accepted to. I was so excited I almost fainted.! Now, I’m sure my kids would be baffled if they got one.

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