Happy birthday Miss Lizzie

My baby turns 20 today!

How could it be so!!

Such a cutie she was and a sweet little girl.

And a bit cheeky as well.

And she’s still all those things today.

Here she is with her blonde bestie. They’re like Rose Red and Snow White. Not that anyone knows who they are anymore.

Happy birthday gorgeous – looking forward to the next twenty.


6 thoughts on “Happy birthday Miss Lizzie

  1. Happy birthday, Lizzie. I hope you enjoyed your day. But know that you will always be a little girl to your mother, even though she tries mightily to treat you like an adult.

    (I just went through a stack of photos of my kids when they were little, and it was hard not to get a little choked up. They’re great adults, but back then they were so sweet and cute. Now they’re “Oh Mom, for gawds sakes!” Though sometimes they use less polite terms, lol.)

    • Lol, my Miss Lizzie has a potty mouth herself. It’s funny how you say they will always be your little kids because they laugh at me because when we’re crossing the road I still always step out in front and put my arm in front of them. I remember Lloyd once saying to me – so I’m going to travel to South Africa by myself but I won’t ever have crossed the road by myself.

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