There’s a mouse in the house

But it’s okay because Chicken Little killed it. It was the most exciting moment of her life I think.

I saw it for the first time on Thursday night. I threw my floss in the bin under the sink and thought it was making a lot of noise for such a little thing when it hit the bottom of the bag so I looked in and the mouse ran over the top and into the cupboard. So we set up a trap in there but last night we were watching telly and I looked up the hallway and saw it running along. I think it was heading for the kitchen again and then saw us and turned around and ran back into the office.

So I called Chicken up to have a look and once she got the scent she was on the job. Daz came up and said – she won’t catch it, she’s too slow – and I said – you’re kiddin’, she’s a terrier, she was born for this sort of thing.

And then I pushed him in there and locked the door.

For three reasons; so the mouse couldn’t escape, so Chicken could catch it and so Daz could move furniture for her as required without running away.

Anyway he was in there squealing like the city boy he is – it ran over my foot, let me out, let me out – and I said – for gods sake, it’s not a bloody rhinoceros!

And then there were two little squeaks and it was all over; one dead mouse and one happy dog and one traumatised husband. Chicken couldn’t settle down afterwards though, she spent a long time going around the house sniffing everywhere but had no luck finding more. At least now she knows what to look/sniff for so the house should remain vermin free.

Finally it was time to settle down for a nap.

She looks like the golden seal.


16 thoughts on “There’s a mouse in the house

    • There are about half a dozen cats living in the lane way behind us and I was thinking they hadn’t been doing a very good job of keeping the area clean. Chicken Little loves catching cockroaches, she loves rolling in them and putting either her smell on to them or theirs onto her, then when they’re in about fifty pieces she eats them.

      • I keep telling my wife I’m going to replace the kitties with a snake and a lizard, because at least they’d eat the vermin. She doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

        (In reality, neither do I).

    • Oh Betty used to kill blue tongues – made me so mad, poor things. Sometimes she didn’t finish them off though and I’d have to do it which was even more upsetting. We had a red cattle dog before Betty who used to kill them as well – she’d take them into the laundry and smack them about on the side of the washing machine. Chicken has only seen one blue tongue and she was a bit scared of it so just stood barking at it.

      • That’s lucky for the bluetongues! We used to get really made at Mollie too but she just had a thing about them. When staying with some friends she actually taught their placid old dog how to flush them out from under the compost heap so she could pounce on them. Such a menace!

    • Lol, a chipmunk! We’ve had a stray cat in our yard a couple of times recently and I’m afriad Chicken Little might catch that one day – what a debacle that will be.

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