1 womb for dinner please

My iPhone autocorrect is still making me send crazy messages to people. A while ago I was sending Daz a shopping list of things I needed him to pick up for dinner and I was after a wombok and my phone assumed that what I really wanted was

1 x womb

No, not tonight thanks. So I went back to fix it and then my phone thought I must have felt like some tasty roadkill for dinner because it changed it to

1 x wombat

You really can’t send a message off to anyone without checking it first because people end up thinking you’re mad. My daughter sent me a text saying she was leaving early on Saturday for the shops and I sent her one back asking her if she was going to hit the shops early for the sake when I meant sales. She just ignores me now, has done ever since I sent her a text saying that bunnies are shit when in fact I think bunnies are lovely, I thought vinnies were shit.

I was just sending Daz the details of some varnish I wanted called Plasti-Cote clear enamel and I sent it off telling him I wanted some Plasti-Kitty clear enamel – god knows what the man at the hardware shop is going to think.

It’s like I have some kind of texting Tourette’s.


11 thoughts on “1 womb for dinner please

  1. there are a bunch of websites dedicated to iphone’s habit of changing words. what i find to be really odd is that it likes to auto-correct simple/innocent words to porn – pretty much the opposite of all other spellcheckers in the world.

    I think he should have brought you a wombat!

    • I know – iphones have dirty minds.

      Thankfully we don’t eat wombat here yet, well not that I know of – haven’t seen it in the supermarket yet. Lots of kangaroo on the shelves now but no wombat yet. I think there’s a couple of restaurants that sell emu and crocodile so maybe they have it on the menu.

          • I haven’t eaten any red meat for about thirty years and none of that stuff was in fashion before that. The rest of the family had kangaroo once but weren’t fans, it’s pretty rich I think – it looks really dark red in the supermarket.

          • I’ll take a photo next time I’m at the shops and show you. Oh I have eaten kangaroo actually when I was a kid, Mum cooked kangaroo tail stew a couple of times – but I didn’t see it in pieces before hand, can’t remember it being awful though. We used to eat rabbit as well – that was nice but they cost a fortune now, dad bought one last year and it was $25.00 for one. We used to just shoot them for free!

  2. That’s a good one! Tried to find my favorite on ‘damn you auto correct (com)’ – but there have come in so many by now that I wasn’t able to go back as far. But there were many great laughs anyway.

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