Not so smart

I bought a new Smart TV on the weekend. It has an app store and I downloaded this fitness channel they have and then messed about in Bridal Boot camp, Bikini Body and Abs and Back for an hour and today I can hardly walk. I feel as if I’ve been soundly beaten with a cricket bat.

Anyway it showed me just how soft and lazy I’d become over the past 18 months while I spent 6 hours a day sitting at a school desk. So I’m back at it today because I’m on a mission now to strengthen up. I had to have xrays on my hips last week because I’ve been waking up through the night for about a year now (every night) with aching hip and back and the xrays show that I have arthritis in my hips. So after spending time with my mother who is riddled with the stuff I decided I needed to take action to avoid ending up like her. Step one was to give up running which is a pain because I love running but I’m going to do everything I can to help my little hip joints so I’m dragging out the exercise bike instead and I’m going to do stretching and strengthening and have regular massage to keep everything as smooth and supple as possible.

I believe that today is Red Carpet Body Ready ( because I’m sure I have a couple of them coming up) and Incredible abs.

Then walk – not run.


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