Chillin’ with Chicken

Chicken Little and I spent yesterday relaxing on my new outdoor bean bag and rest assured it is going to get a lot of use this spring. And yes that book is as enournous as it looks – and was a bit of a boring yawn actually.

outdoor bean bag

2 thoughts on “Chillin’ with Chicken

  1. I fancy one of those chairs myself! I like beanbags but am no longer so enthusiastic about hauling myself up off the floor. And it’s obviously Chicken-approved; that dog knows her furniture.

    • Lol, yeah it’s not too bad to get out of because it’s quite high and the beans are still firm. Can’t see myself getting out of it in another twenty years though. The woman at the shop told us that the company makes them for dogs but I said it’d just be a waste of money because Chicken would be on mine even if she had her own.

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