All the way from China

If I want to buy a new lounge to put in my new lounge room, the first time I would get to lower my bum onto it would be around Christmas time, possibly after. Apparently no one has a warehouse any more so once you order your lounge you have to wait between 12 and 16 weeks for it to be travel here from China. I’ve been to a lot of furniture shops over the past couple of weeks and quite frankly I’m surprised anyone living in China has time to do anything else but make lounges for us Australians. It’s really annoying because in 16 weeks I won’t even want the longe any more, I’m a lot like my father in that respect – if I want something I want it then or forget about it.

We ordered a wall unit for the office back in May and we were told at the time that it could be a 16 week wait because it was coming from Indonesia and all the workers go home for Ramadan and apparently don’t come back for months so you just had to wait for them to come back. So I said – yeah, fine, no rush but I have to say that sitting here now at the end of August, I wouldn’t have a clue what the thing looks like and it seems that I’ve lived without it for all this time so why do I even need it now.

It also bothers me buying from overseas because for one I don’t know what the factories are like; conditions and pay for example, are people working for peanuts 24 hours a day so I can have a new lounge and a wall unit (don’t answer that) and two, what’s the carbon footprint of shipping all this furniture about. That sort of thing makes me refuse being involved in earth hour every year. It seems stupid to sit there in the dark for an hour each year thinking you’re doing something awesome about the planet when you go down to the shops the next day and buy your new lounge from China, your asparagus from Peru, your oranges from the USA and your garlic from Mexico.

Anyway I’m going to look at some lounges at Fantastic tomorrow; I know they’re a bit daggy and a bit cheap but they are made in Australia and they have them in stock and maybe if I get an Australian made lounge I’ll feel less guilty about getting a wall unit from IKEA tomorrow because I have no idea where it’s coming from – although they do faff on a lot about sustainability and how they’re all for the people and the planet on their website.

All in all the room is coming along nicely although the four litres of paint that I knocked over did put a damper on things for a couple of days and if I’d known what a prick the ceiling rose was going to be to paint I never would have bothered but you know, basically it’s done and I want my new lounge in it sooner than later – sooner than christmas at least!


10 thoughts on “All the way from China

  1. It’s the whole keeping costs down thing. Not only making furniture abroad because the wages aren’t as high as they would be in more hmmm let’s say westernized countries. But having furniture ready in warehouses would increase the price of the furniture through costs running a warehouse. Plus the added uncertainty of ‘will all produced furniture sell?’.
    I understand the frustration, since I have had the same experience with my sofa. Thankfully “only” 12 weeks and from Poland. I guess we need to console ourselves thinking that producing by order saves the planet by reducing waste i.e. discarded, because unsold, furniture.

    • It’s the thought of some factory churning out posh lounges while the workers get paid bugger all that bothers me most. Also we’re always being encouraged to support Australian made but it’s bloody hard to find! Not just furniture but everything.

  2. Have you thought about secondhand? Half the price and less first world guilt!

    A friend of mine furnished almost her entire house from the transfer station, for absolute peanuts. She even managed to pick up a fully functioning fridge on hard rubbish day (mind you she was trawling one of the poshest suburbs in Melbourne).

    • I bet a lot of the second hand stuff still came from China though. We buy lots of second hand, there are a few really good op shops here, furniture and clothes – mind you some of them are ridiculously over priced – but I just wanted something new, something bright and shiny. Funny how IKEA stuff comes from Poland though. Anyway I’m not getting anything now, decided to save my money and go to Hong Kong instead.

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