Just like a chocolate milkshake

Only crunchy!!

Some days nothing beats a serve of coco pops.

coco pops, cereal, chocolate cereal

When I was a kid we weren’t allowed to have coco pops. The only time I came close was when we went on holidays and Mum would buy those packs that had six little single serve boxes packaged together. But you’ve got to know, that if you’re the youngest of four kids you’ve got Buckley’s to none of ever getting your hands on the coco pops, or the fruit loops, so you may as well be happy with the rice bubbles.

Now I live with a 24 year old daughter who seems to live on coco pops and there’s always a box sitting around, but it’s funny isn’t it – I never feel inclined to have a sneaky bowl.

Until the other day. I just wanted something sweet and I looked up on top of the fridge and there he was –

Coco the monkey.

Funny how you fall back on childhood ways – I still let the milk soak up the chocolate first.


10 thoughts on “Just like a chocolate milkshake

  1. Oh my gosh – buy those packs that had six little single serve boxes packaged together- I did the same for our children. They told me later it was one of the highlights of their holidays and made them feel so special!

    • It was so exciting!! Little boxes of banned substances right there in our car. The only thing that beat it was one year when we each received a box of paddle pops from Santa.

  2. Coco pops are my favorite as well, but my doctor shamed me into giving them up. “Both your parents have diabetes, so why are you eating something that’s the equivalent of eating a candy bar for breakfast?” So now I eat Cheerios with skim milk, which is filled with wholesome whole-grain fiber but is about as fun as flossing my teeth.

    My mother would buy those six-packs of cereal for us as well when we were out camping. Being the oldest didn’t necessarily give me dibs on the best cereal, however. That usually went to the earliest riser. In our family, that was usually my sister, who continues disgustingly to be an early riser.

    • The earliest riser in our house got the thick cream from the top of the milk.

      I’ve never had Cheerios, I’ve been trying to eat oats through winter to lower the cholesterol, I can see why people add brown sugar to it!

    • Nah, can’t be anything wrong with coco pops, they’re just little puffs of air, fibre is over rated – have to be better than fruit loops I reckon. I saw some Milo cereal on the fridge just then, maybe I’ll try some of that.

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