Hello Spring!

I can feel spring in the air.

Even if it has been blowing a gale all week it has been a warmish gale most days. Bloody freezing yesterday though.

And spring in the air means shorter hair for me. I keep it like a rug through winter for warmth but because I have a mass of unruly locks the whole rug thing doesn’t work for me through spring and summer. It’s a bit like my legs; I tend to grow my own stockings for winter and then start tidying them up in spring.

So this was my trim, it looks like I shaved a medium sized poodle. I don’t know why my hair has suddenly decided it wants to be curly.

And this is my new super light inverted bob. I must be about 5 kilos lighter.

And this is Chicken Little in her polo neck, just because she’s cute.

And this is where I need to have my steady hand today to get around all those little curves, not my throwing paint around the room hand.

6 thoughts on “Hello Spring!

    • This shot it wasn’t straightened but blow dried with a big brush (by the hairdresser) – mainly because she wanted to make sure it was all straight and stuff but it is cut so I can wear it wavy which I usually do through summer because I spend a lot of time at the ocean baths. I can still pull it back as well which is good.

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