Welcome to Australia

I have to say I was slightly nervous geting dressed this morning after I found this GREAT BIG FUCKING MUTANT SPIDER THING SITTING IN MY WARDROBE.

See that empty coat hanger? Thats where the shirt I grabbed to wear was hanging.

I need a drink.

Yep – welcome to Australia folks.


33 thoughts on “Welcome to Australia

    • Exactly. I sent a phott to the pest control man and he says it’s a stick spider; totally harmless but definitely not what I want getting too close to my socks and undies drawer.

    • I sent my husband a photo and he said – can you get a closer one! Not bloody likely I said – anyway it was in about a thousand little pieces by then.

  1. I just assume those are all over the place there. Don’t you have to turn on lights to go to the bathroom at night and check the toilet seat for scorpions? Don’t you have to shake out shoes and boots to make sure no one is sitting in there waiting to kill you with venom??

    • Lol, no scorpions near me and I’ve never seen one of these before, guy said it probably came in on the washing or a sheet which is not at all a comforting thought. I never leave my shoes outside though – once I put my joggers on and they felt a bit tight in the toe area and it was because a hunstman was in there.

      • SEE??? I have so much family in Australia and I just say I can’t handle the long flight but really it’s the spiders and snakes. Huntsman spiders don’t even bother with a web and they eat birds. Gah!!

        • Lol – they’re all pretty awful. I always think hte brown hairy ones are better than the black shiny ones though – the black ones always look dangerous, like red backs. When I was little I used to go looking for trapdoor’s that lived in little burrows in the lawn, but I haven’t seen one of them for years – not that I’ve been looking.

    • Yeah I know – weird eh? I thought it might have been a bug type thingy due to the four legs, maybe they were tucked away somewhere. Took a lot of surface spray to kill him mind you and lets just say everything in that wardrobe is going to need a good washing.

      Lol – you cab’t beat a good old flying cockroach can you – and they’re massive as well. One of my fondest memories is watching my husband being chased by a flying cockroach.

  2. My attitude about spiders and snakes is – there is no such thing as a “harmless” spider or snake! Maybe it’s not venomous … but if it makes me hurt myself getting away from it, it is NOT harmless.

  3. We have similar looking cross type spiders at our place but think they are grey. There is one that always builds a web right across the front path so you have to walk through it to get the mail.

    • Lol, oh I hate the ones that do that. We used to have one build over the path on the way to the clothesline and it’s awful getting a web over the face in the dark. I always try to remember my mother saying – just walk backwards and it’ll peel off cleanly but I still always used to think it was in my hair afterwards.

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