Just saying

that undercoating sucks. It’s so tediously, mind numbingly boring. I found myself sitting there laughing at things that happened about ten years ago because there’s just so much time to think about everything and nothing.

Especially when the previous owner decided that it might be a nice idea to put a garden fence in the lounge room.


I could probably get rid of it but I can’t be stuffed.

So onwards to tomorrow to colour.


7 thoughts on “Just saying

  1. Our house was DARK! (the exclamation point is needed to get the idea of just how DAR! it was) when we got it. The excuse was that the old man had light sensitive eyes. He must have been a damned mole!

    Ripping out all the wall stuff (paneling) and replacing it with something lighter was a lot easier than painting – and does away with any future need for painting.

    Not only can we actually see and not bump into each other in the cave-like house, but it actually looks much bigger.

    (Oh … and maybe it was the paint fumes causing the hallucinogenic giggling …)

    • Lol, that’s ridiculous, light sensitive.

      I’d only painted or one day then I had to go back and get some new low fume undercoat – couldn’t sleep the smell of it was so bad – also being winter we have the place closed up at night which doesn’t help so maybe my brain is addled. More.

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