Asparagus, zucchini and haloumi salad


Oh haloumi cheese why has it taken me so long to discover you. And why have you only shown up now when I can’t eat you very often due to crappy high cholesterol levels. Sigh, such lovely little salty nuggets of yum.


12 thoughts on “Asparagus, zucchini and haloumi salad

        • Please send some of your billion degrees here, the weather here has been atrocious. Just when I thought we were heading into spring we have gone back to coldest winter. Colder than winter actually, seeing as how our winters are pretty mild. August is always windy here but it’s ridiculous at the moment combined with icy temps and non stop rain.

          Haloumi comes in a small block – it looks like hard white fetta but you can cut it into blocks or slices and fry it and it holds it’s form. It’s not really like cheese, it’s sort of salty. There are a couple of different types but the first time I used it the recipe said to use cyprus haloumi so that’s what I’ve bought since. It’s really good stuff.

    • I only had it for the first time last summer, I don’t really eat cheese but it was in a recipe with chick peas and cherry tomatoes I wanted to try. Couldn’t stop eating the stuff once I started!

    • Yes, sun dried tomato. The salad was meant to have the oil from the tomatoes in it but they were totally dry. They were from the Coles deli, I sent Daz to get them and when I opened them I said – where’s the oil? and he said – there was no oil. But they were really nice actually.

  1. Stumbled over Haloumi together with Hummus and Tahin about 4 years ago and have been after it ever since. Back then it was in Cyprus and often served in a different setting but I really have discovered it for myself in salads too. It just gives it the right edge and then one really doesn’t need to do much seasoning.

    • I’ll have to get the ‘plain’one next time and not the Cyprus to see what the difference is. I didn’t have to use any seasoning, between the cheese, herbs and sundried tomatoes it just needed a tipple of olive oil.

      I love tahini! Thats what I usually have for breakfast – on toast with smoked salmon on top – yum.

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