Your aerial is showing

I found a little pamphlet in the shed from 1956.

Apparently there are over a billion televisions in the world now.


9 thoughts on “Your aerial is showing

  1. Damn it! I’ve had several antennas in my lifetime (before the ‘digital revolution’ ruined everything), and not one of them came with a woman in the box to hold the thing steady on the roof!

  2. I never even saw a television till I was 11 – that would have been (counts on fingers, muttering) sometime late n 1965 or early 66. I know we had one for the World Cup. So wherever all those TVs were, they were not in 60s Birmingham.

    • Maybe everyone raced out and bought a set to watch the ’56 olympics. I remember we got colour TV one year when the olympics was on – it was prretty exciting to see all the country colours.

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