Smoked salmon open sandwich

So lunch with Mum ended up looking like this.

smoked salmon, open sandwich, lunch

So basically it was about five portions of smoked salmon with a very nice salad that included long thin ribbons of carrot and beetroot that looked very pretty but were impossible to eat while looking pretty yourself.  I didn’t eat the slab of bread that was on the bottom mainly because I don’t really like bread but also because it was covered in an enormous spread of butter and I never eat butter; I could scrape my fork tines through it and leave a pattern. I just felt the extra fat wasn’t necessary after I considered the amount I’d already eaten in the smoked salmon, the avocado, the lime mayo and the big slab of camembert that’s hiding over the back.

And it was all served on a beautiful plate. My mother said – that’s a beautiful plate you have and I looked at it and said – yeah. I thought she meant my food on the plate looked beautiful but then I noticed that indeed the plate was beautiful.

So considering I had smoked salmon for breakfast this morning I have to conclude that my intake of omega 3’s today is going off.

Oh and no painting was done.


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