Decision time

Well I’m ready to start painting the lounge room.

This is what I have to work with. As you can see it starts with a pale pinky/beige ceiling with a dirty beige trim then more pale pinky yuk followed by disgusting brown strip. He then decided a darker army brown would be nice with a darker puke plum at the bottom all set off nicely with a floral frieze.

I do like the light though.

I’m laughing at our TV though – it’s about three hundred years old and it takes up about half the room. Lizzie said to me – haven’t you heard of plasma. Mind you she didn’t knock it back when I told her she could have it when we bought a new one.

When I took the frieze off I discovered this charming effect.

I’m really having trouble deciding on colours though – normally I just look at something and say – that’ll do but because I have to match three rooms somehow it’s trickier this time. I know what colour I want the walls – it’s a blue/green colour, it’s all the wood thats throwing me a bit.

Undercoating starts after lunch, have to go meet my Mum for lunch first.

4 thoughts on “Decision time

    • I’m finding it hard to summon up the fun attitude about it. I thought if I moved all the furnitre, ripped off that frieze and washed the walls that I’d feel compelled to paint but I haven’t yet. Anyway I can’t work out how to get the venetian blind down, thats going to delay things.

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