Sydney – Old and New

So these photos are pretty cool.

Here we have the traffic going over the Harbour Bridge, I don’t know when – you’d have to look at the cars and work it out but fifties maybe.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Vintage Harbour Bridge Photos, Vintage Sydney

Harbour Bridge traffic, Vintage Harbour Bridge, Vintage Sydney photos

And here we have traffic going over this year.

Here we have the Opera House earlier tis year

Sydney, Sydney Opera House

And here we have the Opera House being built, hmmm, well I’d say early seventies because there’s a fair bit done. It took them about fifteen years to build the damn thing.

Vintage Sydney photos, Vintage Opera House, Building Opera House

And dancing up a storm the day it was finally opened

Sydney Opera House opening, Vintage Sydney photos, Vintage Opera House

Circular Quay and the ferry this year

And Circular Quay, well I don’t know when again which is why you should all write on your photos when they were taken because someday someone will want to know.

Vintage Sydney ferries, Vintage Sydney photos, Vintage Circular Quay

Here’s Circular Quay with the Botanic Gardens behind it

And this is the same strip, you can see Government house in both photos.

Vintage photos of Sydney, Vintage Circular Quay

And this one I took from the Harbour Bridge looking back towards The Rocks.

And this one is the same area but Papa must have been in a boat, a ferry. I was up in that Harbour Bridge pylon when I took mine – you just sort of need to turn mine a bit, line up the road over the bridge. They’ve knocked down that nice building on the end and put a great bloody Motel with the pool on the roof.

Vintage Sydney Rocks photos


One thought on “Sydney – Old and New

  1. Re: last picture. The photo has been inverted. The building you claim has been knocked down for a new hotel is Pier One. Being heritage listed, it has not been knocked down but converted into a hotel.
    the photo with the two steaming ferries at Circular Quay is also inverted. Both pics need flipping horizontally.


    Stephen Yarrow

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