8 thoughts on “Hi

  1. “Wow… I had to load this page on three different occassions to finally figure out which way ChickenLittle was facing. I got the foot… I new it was ChickenLittle… I could see the eye… but I couldn’t place the rest. Sucky workdays apparently mess with my vision!

  2. She tries to be all cute. When We’re watching telly if I don’t touch her often enough she looks back up at me like that just so I know she’s still there and could do with a scratch or a tickle.

        • Lol – I almost wore them to Woolworths the other day. The main thing that stopped me was that they don’t have a really solid sole. It definitely wasn’t a fashion decision as the woolies I go to is at Mayfield (where you stayed at the scary motel when your car broke down) and I seen people shopping there in their pj’s.

          • Yes, people do that at Hornsby Westfield too. I got locked out of the house on a Saturday night once and went and did my grocery shopping while waiting for the others to come home with the keys. Was amazed at how many people were wafting around in pjs and slippers.

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