Fighting the manchester

Nothing worse on a cold winters morning than a wet cold shower curtain wrapping itself around your legs for the duration of your shower.

I’m sick of that bloody thing. Every day it’s waiting to take up the fight.

We’ve been thinking about getting solar panels on the house; had a couple of quotes, but I think what I’d rather spend my money on is a bathroom renovation. Not only so I can avoid having to climb into a bath and be attacked by a shower curtain every day but just because it’s big and old and badly designed. Hmmmmmmm decisions decisions.

Today is a double whammy in the battle of the manchester because I’m going to change my doona cover as well (or quilt cover I think you people who can’t speak Australian call it). It’s always a bastard of a thing to put back on as well; it’s always up for a fight. I used to let my husband put it on but he persists in putting it on the wrong way. I’d always say – but can’t you see it’s in there sideways, what do you think all the bulky bits in there are and he’d say – you just need to shake it a bit.

Yeah, right.

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