Speaking of colour

Bubblegum blue gelato.

I didn’t have any and if I did I probably would have had the roasted almond one.

I didn’t have any mainly because I was pissed off about paying a lot of money for a very ordinary meal. My main problem was the salad dressing. My opinion about the quality of a meal eaten out often comes down to the salad dressing and if they made it themselves.

I make my own dressing at home so I know its not that hard or time consuming to put some olive oil some vinegar or lemon juice and some garlic in a jar and give it a shake. When I go out I don’t want my ‘salad’, which last night consisted of lots of lettuce, three slices of tomato and a few scraps of celery, to be covered in a tangy store bought dressing.

So they weren’t getting another $3.80 for one scoop of gelato thans very much.

8 thoughts on “Speaking of colour

  1. That blue gelato is disturbing..makes me think of the show Arrested Development when one of the characters painted himself blue because he wanted to join the Blue Man Group-he said “I just blue myself”,lol

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