Looking at paint samples today without my glasses on I read Scarab as Scab. I thought Dulux had gone all funky like some of those nail polish brands that have colours like decay and death warmed up and whatever. I was wondering why scab was in the blues and not the yellows or reds. They do have some strange ones though – like Tuscan Sunset which could only really be possible if Tuscany was in the grip of a massive dust storm. There’s one called Harold – thats hard to pick unless I’m being thick and missing the joke but it’s a really dirty khaki/brown (which I won’t be choosing).

Anyway my head is done in by looking at the colour wall. I have three rooms to paint which sort of lead into each other and I love lots of colour so I won’t have them the same colour but they have to compliment each other in some way. The main problems are the skirting boards and the architraves and the other bits of boardy stuff that roam about the walls. There’s no real point between rooms where you can find a definite start and finish so it has to be the same colour throughout the same three rooms and at the moment it’s dark depressing dirty brown. I’d call it – Harold Won the Mudfight.

I’m going to eat and drink and sleep on it because what I usually do is save a whole lot of colours that I really really really love and then look at them the next day and wonder if someone slipped a mickey in my drink because they now look like a big smear of baby poo.

I do believe I said I was never going to paint another room again.

Hey, whats the difference between a tag and a category anyway?


12 thoughts on “Scab

  1. From what I understand ….

    Tags are for individual posts, and each post can be in several categories.

    Categories are groups of posts. In you case “Papa’s Slide Box” would be a category.

    But I don’t pay any attention to that stuff and rarely even use tags.

    And … yeah, I do remember you saying you’d never paint again. Didn’t you just paint the whole thing before you moved in?

      • Ok … I thought you’d just painted the whole house a little while ago and was wondering why you were redoing it.

        One of my goals in our renovation of our house is to make it as ‘maintenance free” (painting especially) as possible.

        • That was one of the main reasons we bought this place – because it didn’t need anything doing to it. If the previous owner hadn’t painted it such a hideous colour scheme I probably wouldn’t even bother doing that. I think he just went to the paint shop and asked for any free scraps they had. We were lucky in a way when we bought this place a few years ago that just about a month prior to then we had huge storms and floods here – don’t know if you saw anything on the news over there but it was when that big ship the Pasha Bulker ran up onto the beach here. Anyway, when we were looking at houses we were able to see all the ones that had water damage and that down the track were going to end up with problems.

          • I remember a ship washing up on the shores of Australia. You posted photos too, didn’t you? I saw them somewhere.

            My dad worked for the City here, so we knew this area of town had the newest water & sewer lines – and least trouble with each … so a little knowledge is a good thing. Unfortunately this house needed a lot of work, but it was priced really low and so even if I ever decide to sell it (I plan on living here until they carry me out to the hearse!) I know I’ll recoup all money spent.

          • Yes I posted photos, it was a pretty amazing sight, terrible weekend of weather though. We bought our first house really cheap as well and spent a bit of money on it – we’ve just put it on the market now and I can’t believe how much house prices have risen over twenty years – don’t know how people can afford a home anymore.

  2. After I went on a painting bender in my last place, I swore I would never paint again when we bought our condo. The walls remain the color of pancake batter, though in a certain light, they appear to be Band-Aid beige.

    • Lol – band aid beige, I can just picture it. When we bought our house they had painted the lounge room a hideous puke pink with brown trim and I declared that the first thing I’d be doing was painting it but it took me years to finally do it and I was almost used to it by then.

      • I think that pink and brown is my least favorite color combination. The only place they exist together in the natural world is when a pink flower is next to a dead leaf.

        • And the pink and brown he used here are really dull and he’s added a dark brown trim and a lighter pink ceiling. And a wallpaper border.

  3. A tag is what search engines use to locate your post/blog. The more tags grouped together in a single post, like “sushi roll Japanese restaurant” or “kangaroo park tourist Australia” the more likely your post is going to show up in a Google search of those topics. (Which is why I don’t use tags: I don’t want the eye of Google to latch upon me, lol.)

    I don’t use categories. I’m just too lazy to create them.

    I swore I was going to paint the bathroom and kitchen in my parents’ house, but with all that’s going on now, that’s not happening. I do have the chips, so I can tape them on the wall and imagine what the place would look like if it was “Tortilla Chip” gold or “Desert Camel” beige. The names in themselves make me laugh!

    • I’m not really after a lot of google interest either – every time I look at the search terms people have used to end up here it just reminds me how many weirdo freaks are out there.

      Lolling at Desert Camel beige – what other camels are there?? Rainforest Mint Camel maybe or Camel by the Sea Blue.

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