It’s called a fork

I was looking through the Big W brochure today and I saw an electric potato masher on sale for $63.00.

Not joking.

What happened to using a fork? You can pick one up for a buck or two, it has multiple uses and it doesn’t take up much room.

No wonder people can’t save any bloody money.

24 thoughts on “It’s called a fork

  1. There’s manual potato mashers, but they’re more trouble than a fork. My mom, when she was making a big batch of mashed spuds, would use her hand mixer, the same one she used for baking and the like. It mixed cookie dough, it mashed taters (and mixed in the butter, yum), it wasn’t $60 for one purpose!

    • There were a lot of funny things for sale – all I could imagine was that people must have huge cupboard space to store them all. I do have a little stick blender that I use for soup but we eat mashed anything so little that I just use the fork. I did use one of those hand masher things once but it was a pain to clean.

      • We ate a LOT of mashed potatoes (and cookies) when I was growing up, so that mixer earned its keep. Didn’t take up much room when disassembled. Particularly useful when my mom started having arthritis badly.

        The hand mash potato things are so oddly shaped and sized, I don’t know why anyone would use them. They don’t work much better than a fork, and the weird shapes are impossible to wash.

  2. *electric*?? what the heck does it need electricity for? I am horribly confused. Personally, I just go with instant spuds – but I’m also a lazy cook. I own a potato masher but I used it for making refried beans.

  3. So funny. Do you have Pampered Chef over there? It’s a line of kitchen products. Things like the melon baller, the strawberry corer, the avocado peeler… expensive one hit wonders. Pretty much everything I use a knife for.

    • I don’t think we have Pampered Chef but we have all that “stuff”. The avocado slicer always gives me a laugh and there’s one that cuts apples into slices – GASP – the one I’ve been seeing lately that gives me a laugh though is the banana storer. Like a tupperware shaped and looking like a banana to put your kids bananas in I suppose when they go to school. It’s bloody enormous and I’m pretty sure that any kid seen pulling one out of his schoolbag should get a punch in the head to pass on to his mother.

      • Haha. A banana keeper! That’s great! I will confess I DO have an apple corer though and I love it. I used it almost every day. My kiddo loves apples and when he wants one he wants it NOW! lol. Just mash it down on there and you’ve got 8 slices with the core and seeds taken out. But that is my only guilt pleasure gadget!

  4. $68 for a masha is kind of ridiculous, but I think the banana cases are genius ^^ but then I can buy one for a dollar here so it’s not going to be an expensive addition to my lack of cupboard space.

    • I’ve only seen the banana holders in the posh kitchen shops here and they’re enormous – maybe people should eat smaller bananas then they could eat them all in one go and wouldn’t need to store them!

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