follow the river

If you plan on releasing someone’s ashes into the wild I suggest you make sure you can get the lid off beforehand because the people who seal those boxes up don’t want whoever is inside to escape. However with the help of a hacksaw we sent my father off on his final adventure today.

Bon Voyage Dad.

Follow the river and you will find the sea.


12 thoughts on “follow the river

  1. You know, the “joke” on TV shows is that people are always accidentally spilling “Grandma” all over the place, so it’s a little surprising that the container was so hard to open. Maybe he didn’t really want to go, lol?

    That IS a nice spot.

    • Mum and Dad used to sit there and have fish and chips, it’s a very peaceful spot.

      It was so windy yesterday I thought we’d have the situation where we all ended up with ashes all over us but one of the nephews took a kyak out and managed to tip them all out without any drama.

    • My brother took half the ashes over to Guernsey where Dad was born and let them out into the sea and we let the rest out here in the river where he spent his last years – he’d have to be happy about that. My sister is taking a jar back to DC with her and throwing them over the Lincoln memorial – if she gets arrested he’ll be really happy.

  2. Beautiful place for one’s ashes to be scattered. Interestingly, it’s o-bon time in Japan, the festival when the souls of one’s dead ancestors come back to visit for a night. It’s supposed to be a happy time with dancing and feasting; one custom in some areas is to write down the name of a loved one who has died onto the side of a paper lantern, which is set afloat on a river. The belief is that the river leads the spirit of your dearly departed back to Nirvana or wherever he or she is supposed to go. (One hopes it’s the nice place, but then nobody wants to believe his or her relative is going to the bad place, even if they did a fair amount to deserve it.)

    Hope your father is enjoying his afterlife. I confess I lol’d at the thought of Emjay getting arrested at the Lincoln Memorial, though heaven forbid it should happen.

    • The paper lantern is a nice idea – the older I get though the more I think nothing happens after you die – you’re just dead. Doesn’t bother me though.

      I hope there are photos of Emjay getting arrested.

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