Day Seven

My flu infected lungs smell like a damp dirty bandaid. Now there’s some poetry for you.

I’m just sticking my head up into the land of the living for a moment to wash my hair, say hi and see if there are any more cherries in the fridge seeing as how they’re the only thing I can stand to eat. Seven days I’ve been in bed, I shake my head and laugh at my day two self who foolishly thought I’d probably be well enough to go out for lunch on day four; poor deluded thing I was back then.

I don’t think I’ve had the flu often, definitely once I remember as it ended in pneumonia and that was about fifteen years ago. I’ve had some terrible colds and head colds and throat and chest infections but there’s something about the flu that lets you know it’s going to kick your arse right from the start. And it’s so unexpected, there you are feeling fine one minute baking a lemon meringue pie and then you get a bit of a headache and ten minutes later you’re in bed shaking and shivering and sweating but you don’t know if you’re hot or cold and your brain feels as if it’s too big for your head and every bone in your body is screaming at you and lets not forget that awful tingling super sensitive skin that feels as if every nerve is sitting right there on the surface. The migraine was just cruel because not only did it hang around for several days but it came with the added bonus of random pokes of electric shock type jabs about my head and jaw.

Everything seems to have cleared up now except for the nice layer of phlegm in my lungs and the constant annoying tickle in my throat and the tiredeness and general can’t be bothered moving out of bed yet
feeling. I’m going to work up to that tomorrow along with eating.

I never did get a bit of that lemon meringue pie – I hear it was very good though. I might make another one next weekend, Emjay is meant to be coming for lunch but I think I may have scared her off. One thing for sure though is that I’m going to do some work on my immune system as it’s been pretty crap this year. I’m hardly ever sick and this is my second major illness this year. I don’t think I mentioned it before but something dodgy happened in May and I spent a day vomitting which might not seem too drastic but prior to that day I hadn’t had a vomit for twenty four years so it was pretty disappointing. It was weird because obviously I’ve felt sick over the years but I could always just refuse to vomit and it worked but this time I had no control over it. We were staying over near Mums place that day and I made Daz drive me to Mums house and I just crawled into Dads bed and stayed there. There was also a cold that took ages to clear up and this bloody stiff neck that won’t give up so as soon as I can stand the thought of food I’m really going to have to make sure it’s the good stuff.

Back to bed for me to watch another movie. That Melancholia was a strange one wasn’t it? It’s on my mind today.


22 thoughts on “Day Seven

  1. Ugh! Hope you are on the mend soon! Was starting to wonder why there wasn’t a post for so long.
    Sorry it isn’t for a good reason!
    Good luck on eating solids again!
    be gone germs!

    • Oh the pie. The first couple of days I kept telling everyone to make sure they left me a bit of pie but then I realised there was no point and that I was going to have to let that pie slip by me. I’m thinking cheesecake now anyway.

  2. Ugh. the being unable to get out of bed and wash for days is reason enough for me to get the flu shot, never mind not eating and the coughing. I’ve never had a migraine during the flu though, so you’ve had it worse than me.

    • I told my daughter that she’d have to give me a sponge bath but she refused, she refused to be involved in any activity that should take place in a bathroom. I left the door open while I had a shower in ase I fell over so she could come in and get me up but I think she was even scared of the idea of that. lol.

  3. It is indeed a terrible flu this season. My niece and her little son have been very ill with influenza A. It is all bringing back memories of last year when Mr FD and I were so ill. I do hope Daz is looking after you, or someone. Take care.

    • Daz has become very good at making cups of tea. I think a sign that you are recovering from an illness is when you can’t stand the sight of another cup of tea.

      Poor little nephew (great nephew). While I was feeling sorry for myself I was feeling really sorry for old people who have flu, it must just wrack their frail old bodies, no wonder it kills so many of them. Then I was feeling sorry for all the little babies who have whooping cough – that must be so frightening and distressing for them.

  4. I don’t want to nag you, but I will, lol. Do get a flu shot next season: even if you don’t get the flu, it seems to do a good job of reducing the number of colds and other bugs one catches as well. I also noticed that since eating more Indian food, especially the stuff laden with garlic, I get sick less often. I don’t know if it’s a medical fact that spicy food kills germs or increases your immunity, but it does get the sinuses and respiratory system unclogged.

    Say hello to Emjay for me when she stops by! It’s her birthday next week, right? Hope you recover in time so you can have some fun while she’s there.

    • Oh god – I am so getting a flu shot next year! This has been awful.

      Something has happened between garlic and me, we don’t get on any more. I find the taste of it really strong and bitter these days and don’t use it much any more. I do like chilli though and whenver I start feeling sick I usually send Daz off to the thai for some chilli prawns but this time I just couldn’t stand the thought of food.

  5. I don’t know if it’s good or bad to tell you that a doc once told me that you’ll sometimes get these bad years because you’ve been healthy for so long that everything finally hits you at once… the immune system goes down and stays down till it has “caught up” with everyone else. Bright side: Nothing you can do to prevent it; not your fault. Dark side: Being sick sucks.

    I hope that’s not the case for you and my doc was insane and that you are a superbly healthy FD for all your years to come!

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