Cheesy avo snacks

One of my favourite snacks – a vita-weat spread with cheesy mite, topped with avocado. I never liked vegemite, couldn’t stand the stuff but then they invented cheesymite and I took to it. Of course most Australians kicked up a bloody song and dance about the idea of cheesymite when the idea of it first hit the headlines, but you know what people are like, nothing better to do than bitch about nothing and I bet a lot of them are eating it now anyway.

I’m a happy little cheesymite. I like it with my eggs as well.

Damn, I forgot to put pepper on it.


12 thoughts on “Cheesy avo snacks

  1. We don’t have cheesy mite in the States. It’s hard enough to find vegemite out here (and maybe that’s a good thing, from what I’ve heard of the stuff), though some of the “gourmet” shops carry it. But I wonder if I can use cream cheese spread instead. That with avocado makes a pretty good combination.

    • Vegemite is bloody awful stuff – hard to spread as well becaue it’s thick and I don’t use butter or margarine.

      I think the cream cheese with the avo would be too creamy. It’s the saltiness of the cheesymite with the creaminess of the avo that makes it yummy. Nutritionists tried to tell people to stop eating vegemite a couple of years ago because of its high salt content but I think they were all shot or something – people seem to take their vegemite very seriously!

    • It looks just like it. I notice that the reviewer said it doesn’t have as much of a cheesy taste as the one they tried here in Australia but I don’t think it has a cheesy taste anyway, just a creaminess that I like.

  2. I learnt the hard way that you need to keep cheesy mite in the fridge (unlike vegemite). Have bought any more since. Maybe time to revisit.
    By the way, vegemite (and presumably cheesy mite) makes a good addition to cauliflower soup! (Yet again, thanks to Stephanie Alexander for that little pearl).

    • I never keep mine in the fridge because it goes hard and then its more like vegemite which defeats the purpose. I guess we get through it fast enough though because it’s never gone bad on me.

      I know a lot of people sem to add it to gravy for a boost. Did you see Masterchef the other night when they had to make something out of vegemite and chocolate?

        • Well its funny you mention cauliflower actually because that was one of the options but no one thought of soup – they could pick from chocolate, cauliflower, bacon, beetroot, blue cheese and caviar without knowing what else they had to cook with and of course with Heston running the challenge it turned out to be vegemite. The three who made the top three were all chocolate pickers – one was a macaron with vegemite filling and one was a caramel that Heton just about wet his pants over and I can’t remember what the other one was but she won. I guess its the same principle as the avo – the saltiness cuts through the creamines of the chocolate.

          • Interesting. That’s the frustrating thing about those cooking shows though, ie, you don’t get to taste the food to see whether they really did do a good or bad job.

          • Well I’d be suspicious of some of their meals, they cook up these strange meals no problem but some of them can’t even cook a lamb chop and once they had to cook hummus without a recipe and most of them didn’t have a clue what went in it and the other week one guy had never heard of raita. Hmmmm

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