A cat called Casey

One thing about people – they never fail to disappoint me. I know there are a lot of good ones out there but the bad ones really fuck it up for me.

Some of you may remember our neighbours cat Casey who came to live with us a few years ago. Casey had lived happily with her owners for about five years until they bought two dogs who basically ran her out of home. So she started hanging out at our place which is two doors up and of course I started feeding her because I’m a sucker for any animal in need and we’ve been doing so for about, oh I don’t know, maybe four years.

In the beginning her owners felt bad about it so they used to buy the food but that stopped pretty quickly and I didn’t really mind and she settled in living out the front of the house because Betty was out the back.

So then of course I moved away but my daughter Lizzie has still been living there and she kept up the feeding job with a few extra perks I think such as Casey sleeping inside on cold nights and expensive tinned food.

Now we’re ready to sell that house and one of my major worries has been what to do with Casey. I wasn’t just going to pack up and leave her but I didn’t really want to move her. She’s about 10 now and settled but my main concern is that our new place is on two very busy roads and there are already a lot of cats in the back alley. I wouldn’t want her to have to move here and have to fight for her spot or get run over.

Lizzie said she would take her with her but the two apartments she has looked at are both Strata title with no pets allowed. So I said to daz that he should go and talk to the previous owners and see if they would start feeding her again, I mean she doesn’t ask for much and she’s never been unwell.

Well, they said that she wasn’t their cat and they weren’t going to feed her. They said that she was old anyway and she’d probably just die if we left her and then it wouldn’t be a problem. They said to just leave her and someone else might look after her.

Seriously people I felt like going around there and punching their heads in. Maybe I’m a softie but I’d rather be like that than be a hard faced nasty mean bitch and they’ll get their payback one day (I hope).

So the next step is to talk to the neighbour next to us and see if they’ll take her on. They’re animal lovers and Casey even went and lived with them for three months a couple of years ago. It was after I put a flea treatment on her – she hissed at me and ran away and wouldn’t talk to me for three months. We used to look over the fence at her and say – hello little pussy cat – in sweet voices and she’d hiss and snarl at us then lick her paws.

Sigh – if that doesn’t work, well she’ll just have to come here, I’m not just leaving her. I spent today talking to Chicken Little about it and telling her how nice it would be for her to have a new little friend, a little ginger girl who was unloved just like she was. She looked dubious.

It seems ridiculous that my major worry about moving is the neighbours cat, lol but she’s such a sweet girl and a little survivor.

Stay tuned.


13 thoughts on “A cat called Casey

  1. Awwwwww Casey is so cute. You know I’m a sucker for the orange kitties. People really do suck. My jaw dropped (literally) when I read her former owners denied being her owners. What jerks. I hope everything works out for her. I have a feeling the other neighbors will take care of her. As much as I’d like to see her go with you, it sounds a little scary for her and she could get spooked right off the bat. But fingers crossed that isn’t the case. I think she knows you have her best interest at heart. Poor thing. You’re a good person. The ones who care for unwanted animals especially are always good in my book. And even better is passing it along to your kids.

    • She is cute – she was a little runt when she came to us, I think stress had stunted her growth. She’s one of those cats that has a hard head, likes to push hard into you and she dribbles as well. I don’t know what she’d think of it here but I know I’d be worried about her. We already have cats come into our backyard at night and she’s too old to be having to fight and carry on. I don’t know really how Chicken would feel about it, who knows what goes on inside that head! Hoperfully Jen will come through and take her on. We’d say that we would pay for the food and any medical treatment required down the track.

      My eldest daughter is a softie – she’s always findinf stray dogs. Lost cats and dogs seem to have a radar for people who will help them.

  2. It sounds like Casey doesn’t care for dogs, so living with Chicken Little might not be an option. I’m also guessing she’s not an indoors cat and likes to prowl outside. But being with you would be better than being set loose to face dog knows what in your old neighborhood. (And you should tell Casey’s former owners that karma works for cats as it does for humans. Ugh, what an attitude.) Good luck to you both. I hope she finds a good home, no matter where.

    • Well she’s never been a house cat so she’s not house trained which is a problem. She just likes lying out in the sun and having a bowl of biscuits a night – very easily pleased. I’d be too worried about her here – Chicken wouldn’t let her in the yard which means she’d be out the front which is a highway, and if she tried to run away back home she’d never make it. I mean really how can a person say they’d be willing to watch their own cat starve to death rather than put a bowl of food out at night!

      • She might well adapt perfectly well to being an inside cat.
        Cats aren’t dogs.
        If there is a litter box, they will use it; there really isn’t any training involved.
        Start her off in her own room with a box in it, so she can find it and take the hint.

        • It still won’t work because my husband has asthma and hayfever and cat hair sets him off and even if I got rid of him we have an indoor dog who doesn’t seem to like cats anyway.

  3. Gimme their address… I’m gonna go smash their heads in!

    MeowMeow was one of my major concerns with regard to illness or death or moving. But she’s pretty much living with me now, and I get the feeling she’s on borrowed time, so I will care for her as one of my own.

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