God Save the Queen (from woolly bums)

I’m going through some of Mum’s photo’s and this one made me laugh. This was in 1954 when the Queen visited Dubbo.

I wonder what she thought about all those sheep bums pointing towards her and I wonder why they were anyway because sheep actually do have quite nice faces to look at.

I found another picture in the National Museum archives and there was a great long rown of bums she walked past.


13 thoughts on “God Save the Queen (from woolly bums)

  1. I suppose they wanted her to inspect the tails of the sheep. Because they’re so wooly, I guess.

    Poor Elizabeth. She’s always struck me as a good sport, even when Jimmy Carter tried to hug her.

    • I think she must have a great sense of humour. I always imagine that she goes home and has a great laugh with Phillip about whatever it was they sat through that day. There was an incident here once when Paul Keating put his arm around her, he earned the name Lizard of Oz for that one. John Howard almost did it as well, he said he was guiding her through a crowd and I believe Mrs Obama touched her back as well.

  2. OMG, I totally didn’t see what that was in my brain dead state… and thought there were three dudes with elephantiasis standing there mooning the queen. argh! (elephantiasis=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elephantiasis)
    Feel much better after realizing it was just sheep-bums.

  3. You should send this one to the Archives. I saw some great photos and read a great account of the Queen’s visit to Norfolk Island on the same trip it must have been. She turned up a day early.

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