six pack

A cat we used to have, called Marnie, used to love squeezing himself into empty coke six pack boxes, wrestling about on the floor in them and then ripping the shit out of them. I’m not even really sure how he got in there, you’d imagine it wouldn’t be sitting there nice and still waiting for him to slide in although he was a small guy.

He was a stray Daz found in a paddock, sun cancer got him in the end. Bloody Australian sun, it’s not just a killer of people, we lost two cats to sun cancer. They get it on the ears and the nose, ears are easier because they can be cut off but once you see the spots on the nose it’s really just a matter of time. Vets are always saying that if you have white dogs you should be sunscreening them during summer or keeping them inside but can’t imagine many cats would be co operative about it.

Funny little Marnie, another little cat character I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.


2 thoughts on “six pack

  1. White-colored dogs aren’t just in peril either. The vet also suggested putting sunscreen on my brother’s poor yellow Lab. Since she hardly goes outdoors now, it seems moot: but before that it never occurred to me that animals might be in danger of skin cancer. That said, my doctor told me to occasionally step out without sunscreen, because my body needed Vitamin D to absorb calcium. It’s confusing—I guess I have to weigh the risk of getting cancer and that of getting osteoporosis.

    • We had the tabby and a ginger who ended up with it and our neighbours had a tabby as well. It’s awful really because they seem to be perfectly healthy except for the awful nose.

      Having one of the highest rates of sun cancer in the world we don’t really have the Vitamin D deficiency problem. Unless you’re agoraphobic you’ve just about got it covered. I was listening to a show on the radio a while ago and they were saying that Australians get enough sun just doing every day things like hanging out the washing or driving to work in their car, stuff like that.

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