Meet the folks

Does anyone else look at this photo and hear banjo’s playing.

That is my Mum, Dad and Papa with my brother and sister.

Lol. Mum scares me. Oh, I just realised that Papa looks as if he has no legs below the knee but he does.


16 thoughts on “Meet the folks

    • Lol, my daughter says they look like they stepped out of the movie Wrong Turn. Whenever she looks at photos of me and my siblings she says we look like Children of the Corn.

  1. I love how even camping, your mother is in a skirt. I guess that’s her camping skirt & cardigan set! That’s funny about Papa’s legs! we used to do that and kneel on our shoes to make it look more real.

    • Papa was a very tall man so I guess if he was standing the kids would only have come up to his knees. I can’t imagine my mother ever camping! This was lunch on the farm. When Dad was out working in the paddocks all day they’d go and have lunch with him – he had that little plate and they’d build a bbq and cook some lamb chops for lunch.

  2. Eating lamb chops on a sheep farm? I suppose that makes sense, but I’d think the wooly denizens would eventually rebel, “Animal Farm”-style. Or I’d feel guilty with all those sheep eyes on me. “That’s my baby you’re eating! Murderer!”

    • Lol – they knew that every week or so one of them had to take one for the team. We grew up on lamb, well you know they weren’t really babies, not little lambs. I haven’t eaten lamb for about 20 years now and I’m still shocked at the price of it in the shops – a leg of lamb over $20.00!! We were living like kings it seems.

  3. LOL. I don’t think mum wore trousers until she was quite “old” – she even gardened in skirts/dresses. I was probably at school when this was taken -. Min had such white hair. I think Papa was about 6’3″

    • I think Phil may have taken the photo because there is another one similar with her in it. Mins hair is so white that I can barely do any editing of tone or contrast to the photos as it goes this sort of posterized shiny glitter colour.

  4. Not banjos. It looks a very Australian image to me. Reminds me a bit of that famous painting which of course I can’t remember the name of at the moment (the one of the mother sitting on the log with the baby).

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